We offer a professional business corporation to all our partners, customers, suppliers and service providers of any industrial, non-industrial and individual designed products.

Many technical regulations and product standards may vary from country to country. Having many different regulations and standards makes life difficult for producers and exporters. If regulations are set arbitrarily, they could be used as an excuse for protectionism. The agreement on technical barriers to trade tries to ensure that regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures do not create unnecessary obstacles, while also providing members with the right to implement measures to achieve legitimate policy objectives, such as the protection of human health and safety, or the environment.

We know all requirements of each market very well and it would be your benefit to profit from our experiences worldwide. This is why we makes the difference for following business opportunities:


We know the different market structures very well and we can offer a professional distribution channel for any product. Thanks to our solid financial force and our stock place we have the possibility to stock the goods and to distribute the products without any lead time to all customers, retailers and endusers.

We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our clients expectations. We provide the product brand a point of entry into some of the largest retail accounts worldwide.

Direct import

General importers in different countries like to import directly from the manufactuer. Mostly European or overseas importers want to import from Asia. They have the financial possibility and enough of stock place to import big quantities.

Due to our own manufacturing plants for different industrial products we are able to offer highest quality standards with workable prices. Any product is certified and approved according the European and Asian standards.


As manufacturing and trading company we also can support our partners, customers and suppliers with our experience as professional agency for any industrial product. Thanks to our high market competence in any sector we can provide the requested products and brands. This opportunity would be preferred mostly from international manufacturing companies to make their name and their brand more popular in each market.

Let us try to go the way together in this field and let us know your requirements.

astrinas overview brochure

The new astrinas overview brochre you can download here:

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All detailed datasheets about our different products you can download easily under


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